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     Delighted with the carpet cleaning that Kingston upon Thames Carpet Cleaning did for me recently, I wasn't sure if it would work, but their steam cleaner and amazing team made my carpet fresh and clean.
Annabeth Igsis19/05/2020
     These folks do an awesome job and are very responsive. We have enjoyed working with them on several occasions, and they never cease to amaze by their working knowledge of the cleaning industry!
      KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaners are a very competent team of cleaners and exceptionally hard workers.
Geoff Turner30/03/2018
     I didn't realise how much dirt a rug can carry until my friend told me about it. Suddenly I was really worried about the health of my family because I knew that my rug was nowhere near as clean as it should be. The lovely rug cleaning team from Carpet Cleaners Kingston upon Thames got rid of all my fears by thoroughly cleaning my rug from top to bottom. I can't believe how good it looks now, and I don't have to worry about any harmful bacteria damaging the health of my family.
Rebecca Knowles 10/02/2016
     The house we were moving into seemed uninhabitable at the first look. Kingston upon Thames Carpet Cle stepped in and rescued us. The ungodly appliances sparkled to perfection, the bedrooms were breathable again and the living space was bright and hospitable. We loved the price points and the amiable suggestions; excellent cleaning solution providers.
Peter Young08/05/2015
     When moving out of my old rented house I hired KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning to handle my end of tenancy cleaning and all I can say is that the cleaners were professional, thorough and left the place looking spotless! I received my deposit back in full, which then helped me get settled into my new home and allowed me to invest in a new wonderful comfortable sofa. So I'd like to extend my warmest thanks for a top-notch service!
Susan D.15/01/2015
     I work in an industrial office unit and over the time I have been there I have been so busy that there was never a good time to give the place a good clean. I was advised to get an office cleaning company in to take on the task. KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning was my chosen firm and I have no regrets at all. They were easy to deal with, cheaper than I expected and the quality of their work was more than I expected.
Angela Bradbury24/11/2014
     I can't speak highly enough of KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning! After having to move out and into a cheaper area the main thing I missed was having some help with the cleaning. I almost didn't bother calling any cleaning services because of my new budget, but in the end, I was told that it would probably help... A lady from the company I spoke to took me through the whole price list, but the thing I really liked was that they were patient and not pushy. And when the cleaner turned up he just got straight to work and knew what he was doing. Now I wouldn't do without!
Viv F.23/10/2014
     I thought the curtains in my flat were looking pretty shabby, more dirty than anything else from smoke and such and so I decided to telephone KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning and get a price from them on cleaning my curtains. I was happy with the quote so a couple of blokes came round to sort me out. The curtain cleaners were really nice and great at their jobs. I could tell they were experienced and that they knew what they were doing. The curtains look absolutely great now - really clean. I am very happy with the service and would recommend it to anyone. Great work team!
Diana Y.09/10/2014
     I absolutely cannot stand tardiness, and with my work schedule I couldn't even if I was inclined to. With pressing commitments around the clock I can't work with service providers who are late or don't get the job done on time. So, when I decided to hire professional cleaners I wanted to be absolutely certain I found a cleaning agency that would respect my schedule and stick to their timetable. I found all these qualities and more in KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning. The team arrived on time and got the house clean promptly, without compromising on the quality of service. I'm very impressed!
Maria R.19/09/2014
     As a landlord, it's important to ensure that the end of tenancy clean is perfect, and whilst most tenants make an effort to clean and tidy the flat, you really can tell the difference between professional and domestic cleaning. Because of this, I regularly use KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning as my cleaning company, because of their excellent prices, and dedication to customer satisfaction. As a result of the volume of their services that I use, my fees are quite low, meaning that I can return most, if not all, of the deposits to my tenants even if there are little spots that they missed. Win win for everyone!
Charles T.04/09/2014
     It is wonderful living with family, but it gets a bit hard sometimes. My sister's always inviting her friends over without any regard for the cleanliness of our home. Sometimes after I've cleaned the place up! So, instead of juggling two cleaning jobs, I started to hire KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning instead. They offer a spectacular array of cleaning services, and use effective dirt removal agents, so it doesn't matter what kind of state that house is in, they got the job done. They're easy to rely on, and cheap enough to hire on a whim. I don't know what I would do without them.
Jade Peterson21/08/2014
     Thanks to KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning we managed to impress everyone who's been through our door in the last few months. After doing as much as possible here and there in order to try and keep our home clean, it became really obvious that we weren't able to keep up and keep our home to the high standards which we wanted. That was why expert help made such a difference and ever since we turned towards a more professional approach. I wanted to come online and make sure that everyone else out there knew about the services which are available to help.
Gerald Donner04/06/2014
     There is nothing quite like returning to a house that has been cleaned and cleaned well, and this is what I get whenever I return form work on a Thursday, when KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning have been round. I leave them a key out and they are in and out in a flash, with nothing misplaced, only everything is clean and tidy! It is a great relief for me to return to, and I really do value the work that they do for me. It is a very good price as well, so the value certainly sweetens the deal! They have no problems with my dog, no my little children when they are around either.
Maria R.14/05/2014
     I have had many cleaning services over the past few years, but I feel like I have found a permanent service in KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning. They are an excellent bunch to have around the house, and really do give a great cleaning service! I am always satisfied by how well they do the job, and the low prices are a massive help as well! If you feel like you could do with such an excellent cleaning service, then I strongly suggest that you get in touch with them, I just hope that this recommendation doesn't get them enough business that they can't help me any more!
Myra Roberson29/04/2014
     I enjoy the help of cleaning companies because cleaning is a chore I absolutely hate! I've wasted so much of my time on house cleaning, only to have it messy again in just a few hours thanks to my kids. Having a professional cleaner has changed all that, because the only thing I have to worry about now is keeping tidy between cleans! My house is incredibly clean and sanitary thanks to my cleaner from KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning, and my friends are always asking how I manage to keep it in such good shape! Thanks to everyone at the company for such great work every single week!
     As an Asian woman, one of the biggest issues is the odour released from cooking all those delicious curries. No matter how many windows are opened, the smell seems to seep into the upholstery. I decided to hire KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning to clean all our sofas and couches. Not only did it get rid of the curry smell, but to our surprise, the sofas looked brighter and more attractive (we didn't even think that our sofas would be so dirty!). I will now use them on a regular basis to make sure that the smell of curry is no longer an issue.
Aaliyah M.27/03/2014
     I rarely use a cleaner, but when I do I always use KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning. They are really quite good value for money, and when I'm using them it's usually for a big clean up after an event of party at my house, so I can see how large the workload is! They tend to get on with it with a smile, which is more than I'd be able to do, given the state of the place sometimes! I hope this recommendation gets them more work than my measly sporadic jobs, as they really do deserve it!
C. Stephens05/03/2014
     KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning saves me time and energy on my home chores. I was no longer able to provide such a thorough clean to my home space as I had done in the past. I needed a professional cleaning company but couldn't find the right one. I finally heard about KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning and decided to give them a call. They provide one-off cleaning for my home that is comprehensive, thorough and diligent. The staff at KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning are hard working and friendly. It's a pleasure to work with them and I will continue to use them in the future.
     You need to see these guys in action to believe just how good they are. The most important thing about KingstonuponThamesCarpetCleaning is they actually listen to you and what you want. Cleaning is so personal, and letting someone into every part of your home can be uncomfortable. But these guys really offer that personal service that goes a long way to making it much more enjoyable. They are the only cleaning service I have ever found that go that extra mile for you, the customer, and I wouldn't entrust my cleaning with anyone else.
L. Malery05/12/2013

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